咨询服务 at the University of Wisconsin 欧克莱尔 offers free and confidential short-term solution-based mental health services to all 盈禾体育 students during semesters when they are enrolled in courses.

College can be stressful, but you don't have to deal with it alone

咨询服务中心可以提供帮助. We offer a number of free in-person and online resources so that you can get the support you need for a variety of issues, 包括心理健康, 药物滥用和自杀预防. 

Watch the video to hear more from our staff and students about the services that we offer and how we can help!


For Fall 2022 咨询服务 will offer our services both in person and via Tele-Counseling using Zoom. 按照疾控中心的指导方针, masks will still be required during in-person sessions, 不论是否接种疫苗. If you do not have a mask, you will be offered one by our staff.

Please note: Tele-Counseling services are only available to students who are physically in the state of Wisconsin.

To schedule an 应用程序ointment, call (715) 836-5521 during our business hours.



For first-time clients or returning clients who have not been seen in more than 90 days. Online scheduling is not available for ADHD screenings, AODA评估, Eating Disorder 评估 or couples counseling. 



咨询服务与 Mantra Health to provide additional tele-health 应用程序ointments that are available to 盈禾体育 students and may allow you to be seen sooner than the in-person 应用程序ointments.

通过加入咒语, you can connect virtually to licensed therapists to address your unique needs during daytime, 晚上, 或者周末时间. 

如果你患有躁郁症, 饮食失调, 药物使用问题, or active thoughts of harming yourself or others, please start with an in-person assessment to find out if telehealth is right for you.


  1. 应用程序.mantrahealth.com.
  2. Create your account by clicking "Sign Up" using your 盈禾体育 email address.
  3. Complete the onboarding tasks in your Patient Portal, 大概需要10分钟, 安排你的第一次约会. 一定要在预约前做好这些!
  4. Join your first scheduled 应用程序ointment with your therapist through the Mantra Patient Portal.


If you need immediate assistance with crisis services, contact our office directly at 715-836-5521. (Last check in for crisis services is at 4:00, 5:30 on 周三s.) Afterhours phone support is available through the UW 24/7 心理健康 support line. 打电话或发短信(888)531-2142 for afterhours support. 

盈禾体育 咨询服务 Mental health services include:

  • 团体治疗及工作坊
    • Group therapy is a great way for students to feel less alone with their mental health and to make supportive connections with others
    • 请浏览我们的 YouTube页面 to view our H应用程序iness Workshop or our Anxiety/抑郁症 Workshop 
    • In addition to our general Process groups, we offer populations specific groups
      • The Student of Color Group Spring meeting time is TBD.
      • The 性别与性 Group meets on 星期五s from 1-2:30.
      • 请联系 斯蒂芬妮Benesh 有关或组的更多信息.
  • 个人的治疗
    • Individual sessions typically last 45-50 minutes and the average number of sessions per year is 5
    • The most common presenting concerns include Anxiety, 压力, 抑郁症, 拖延症/动机, 关注/浓度 
  • 夫妻咨询
    • 夫妻咨询 is available for students (only 1 member of the couple needs to be a student)
  • 评估
    • Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse 评估 are offered to students wanting to further explore their substance use patterns
      • These assessments typically take 3 sessions and involve a comprehension evaluation of substance use patterns
      • The cost is $100 if the assessment was sanctioned by the University, 如果是法院批准的,160美元, 如果是自愿的就不收费
      • 咨询服务 does not provide AODA评估 that are required for DUIs
    • ADHD筛查的费用为80美元
      • These screenings include the Conners Adult ADHD Rating Scale (CAARS), 临床访谈, 注意变量检验(TOVA), and a follow-up meeting to go over the results.
      • 80美元的费用必须以现金或支票支付.
      • Prior to scheduling an ADHD screening, please complete the 集中培训
    • Eating Disorder assessments are available at no charge to students seeking more information on their body image and eating patterns
    • 咨询服务 offers assessments to students in order to complete letters for gender-affirming treatments based on the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) Standards. 咨询服务 also works collaboratively with Student Health Service to prepare students for Hormone Therapy and provide support throughout the process. These services are offered at no cost to the student.
    • The First Offenders Forum (FOF) Alcohol Education Course. The First Offenders Alcohol Education Class is offered to current 盈禾体育 students who have received an underage drinking citation or would like to learn more about alcohol use in a group setting. Registration is available at 咨询服务 or the Service Center in Davies. 点击这里了解更多.
  • 病例管理
    • Case management help is available for students to assist with referrals and making connections to community providers for longer-term care.
    • 咨询服务与 MiResource to help connect students with off campus providers  
  1. 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
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注意: **Our office is operating remotely on 12/21/22 and 12/22/22. Regular in-person services will resume 01/03/23.**


  • 华盛顿大学心理健康支持24/7- 打电话或发短信(888)531-2142
  • 国家自杀预防热线- 988
  • 危机文本行 -文本HOPE到741741
  • 心理健康 & AODA危机热线 - 1-888-552-6642
  • 全国性侵热线 - 1-800-656-4673
  • 全国家庭暴力热线 - 1-800-799-7233
  • 特雷弗(LGBTQIA)生命线 - 1-866-488-7386
  • 反式的生命线 - 1-877-565-8860
  • 退伍军人危机热线 - 1-800-273-8255